Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The time lapse since my last post is indicative of the laziness that inhabits my bones. Fortunately the frequency of my blog posts is not representative of my mental processes (or the lack of). Before I proceed to ramble about what I have in mind for the coming months I will probably have to fill you in on some context, for without background we all swim in the vast expanse of ambiguity something and fall into some wacko boundless abyss and blah blah blah...

So the Jan tests are almost over. Its ruddy cold in Dilli...only as the exams tend to a close, the weather tends to bearable warm...A function of the brain you think? Well, either way I'm not complaining. Incidentally, I was thinking of writing an ode to my quilt/razai/wonderfully-warm-snuggly-cover. I do believe my co-'rezis' will echo my sentiments of gratitude..

So now that the egg-jams are over (well, i do have logic tomorrow) I can no longer procrastinate about my four projects-one for each paper i.e. econ hist, indian econ devt, macro and micro. While the task seems rather cumbersome, I'm pretty excited...its cool that there are no bounds on our project ideas for a change (phew!) Tentatively, I've got the following in mind:

EHI- the de-industrialization debate
IED- rural household incomes/the devt of institutions and their importance for econ growth in india
Micro- an application of the gale shapely algorithm to contract building (an original idea that I am both psyched and nervous about)
Macro- the euro

More on  this later...have tonnes of reading to do before I can get cracking on any of them. Hopefully, I'll be able to do justice to all of them (I'm such a nerd!)

Toodle dee for now. The next post shan't be too long in coming.