Friday, July 31, 2009

An idle blog goes unnoticed. An active blog does too.
An apology is due to myself for not having articulated the multitudes of thought that have flown through my mind for a couple of months now. I'm not confident that I can explain why this has been the state of affairs, but I think deep down somewhere I do comprehend 'why'.

My previous posts have mourned the death of the 'thinker' in all ambitious Indian public school children owing to a certain phenomenon called board examinations. Such has invariably been the case with me. Now that I have single-handedly dug my own grave and danced around my own pyre, I might as well rise from the ashes. Here is where it is necessary for me to mention a tiny detail that shall in the due course of time play a great role in shaping my thought processes: a change in location. I am now a 'Stephanian'... (burning the midnight oil did in fact help!)

So, here's to a resolution to utilize my freedom (speech, expression and all that jazz) more frequently!

Yours truly,