Friday, June 20, 2008

Arbit (i love that word!)

Howdie Webbie,
I'm feeling mighty 'blah' again...(perhaps a more apt way to decribe my current perspective of the world and all that breathes would be "bah humbug!") Yes...i'm tired.
Tired of calculus, tired of indifference curves, tired of japanese aggression...tired of the 'bored life'...
You know what the worst bit is? I cant make myself stop leading it...(the lifestyle I mean)...the instant I try to stretch it towards something more entertaining..I'm overcome with guilt and horror...'What if I don't get into Stephens?...just what if...'
Other things trouble me to no end too...
There's a super complicated four and a half months ahead of me...the next time i get life will more or less be over. The dreaded founders' speech would've been tackled and organized...some successfully...and some maybe not so...drum solos conjured up, pratcised and performed (goodness I need some inspiration...and pronto!), and even all my chrys issues would be part of the library archives!!! (sigh...) Ofcourse before that feat can be accomplished a LOT of arm/talent wringing and conning (and base spaniel fawning) will be required...(lord bless the lot that comprises my ed board)...Ahh yess and there's a society to be revived!...Something of the 'Dead Poet's Society' sort (nope i havent seen the movie...hopefully the CD guy downstairs has it....who am i kidding? all he ever has are marathi romances!...i admit that's a tad bit exaggerated) Anyhow...I was talking about the Y.E.L (is it just me or do i have the attention span of a pea-brained insect?) I have to have to figure out what we're going to do at our first meeting! eeyipes! oh darn its to hit me faithful books again (ah how we'd all love to actually hit em')...mwahahaha...(that's an evil laugh if you didn't get it....whoever 'you' might or might not be i.e.) Yet again I live under the presumption that 'people' actually read my posts...the length of this one will scare chance browsers away anyway...i might as well pretend i'm julia roberts and get away with it...hey, (imaginary person) have you ever considered writing utter crap in an ISC project? You'll still end up getting a 16-18/20!!! What folly! What fun!
The blessings of an education system?

Friday, June 13, 2008


Sign the tangent,
Cost the sec;
Two equals zero,
If only to make cosec t.
Math they say
Makes perfect sense.
So does civilization....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Walk to Remember?

Washed dust on the tip of my nose,

Light diverges till only lord knows.

Pot-holes and tar, a speeding car,

Dream and I fall with a splash!