Friday, January 16, 2009

Woe betide the SC!

Hello there,
Its been ages since I last touched a keyboard to do anything productive-I don't believe the everyday "sup and all" counts under the same head. Perhaps I can scapegoat the blame on sheer laziness,to which I donot believe there can be an effective cure, or on the several thousand doses of rationality that my brain has been subjected to of late. Of course there is room for speculation as to whether our isc syllabi can be classified as rational, or there is a need to add an 'ir' as a prefix. I presume the batch of '09 will by and large subscribe to the latter view.

The other day I did attempt to write something on the lines of "Suspended animation, the essence of freedom pure..Every wing merges, to mesmerize the viewer" (I was watching a flock of birds skimming the surface of the creek that is but the width of a highway from our highrise building) Yet I was not in the least satisfied with the resultant attempt at poetry at the back of my Math register...I can't seem to collect my thoughts!

Maybe its the monotony of weather..a prolonged summer that keeps my brain waves in stagnation. Maybe its a lack of inspiration...or maybe my head is far too crammed with the thought of being 'bored' to accomodate anything else. Either way I have far exceeded my break for tea and must revert to the Simon Commission. I'm sorry, that shall be all until I'm free to think again. Whoever would have guessed that the council would succeed in curbing the fundamental freedom to reflect?!